Korea’s largest premium corporate gift and homeware show

Why Participate?

1. Top show in the Gifts Industry in Korea

For 27 years, Seoul Int’l Sourcing Fair (Abbreviation SIPREMIUM) has been the premier destination for exhibitors and buyers in search of sourcing exceptional goods in Korea. Seoul Int’l Sourcing Fair is growing steadily in a positive direction, with our records showing that visitor and exhibitor participation rises each passing year.

More than 400 exhibitors from in and outside of Korea participated in SIPREMIUM 2017, which featured 500 booths and welcomed 17,500 visitors, of which 1,340. 95% of exhibitors were satisfied with the overall management of the show. For 2016 show report, click here.

410 Exhibitors

522 Booths

 1,350 Overseas Buyers


Total Vistiors

2. Endorsed by Reputable Organizations

UFI (Union des Foires Internationales) approved for a decade since 2005 (the only Korean exhibition in its industry to have received UFI approval), and designated as a ‘Promising Exhibition’ by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy (former Korean Ministry of Knowledge Economy) since 2004, the Seoul Int’l Sourcing Fair has gained significant recognition both nationally and internationally.


3. Valuable Business Opportunities Presented

The Seoul Int’l Sourcing Fair, in conjunction with KITA (Korea International Trade Association) provides a business matching program free of charge for qualified buyers and exhibitors. Participating buyers are from wholesale distributors, retail distributors, purchasing departments from department stores, trading companies and more, all looking for the latest sourcing goods. In 2017, a total of 871 meetings were held where 83% of the participants said “Yes” to finding a supplier of interest. Also, 98% of buyers were satisfied with overall performance at Seoul Int’l Sourcing Fair 2016. For details, click here.

Voices of Buyers from the 1:1 Biz-Matching Program in 2016

“Very happy to have participated in SIPREMIUM. I also want to thank you very much for assisting me. I think this exhibition is a good start for the bilateral cooperation. I met a lot of very good partners at this exhibition. Really looking forward to the next year’s exhibition. Thanks again!”
– Mavis Lin (Business manager of Shang Cai Trading Co., Ltd, China)

“I want to take this opportunity to thank you and your team for the very well organized “SIPREMIUM 2016” at COEX, Seoul. Your team took the time to explain, properly guide and support the participants during the event. This was helpful as it was my first time in Seoul. The Biz Matching program was also very useful. The vendors were all professional and the merchandise selection offered were unique, of good quality and interesting. The Biz Matching program also allowed the vendor and buyer to meet privately and uninterrupted, in the comfortable off-stage meeting areas. This made our meetings very productive. We are very happy to have participated in SIPREMIUM 2016. Well done!”
Low Chee Wee (Assistant General Manager of John Little Ptd. Ltd., Singapore)

“We truly appreciated the kind invitation to have us visit the Seoul International Sourcing Fair (SIPREMIUM 2016). The facilities provided for the business matching were great and having an interpreter really helped. We felt really taken care of while we were there from the accommodation, escort, lunch and even the tour. Having our first visit so successful, we would definitely consider coming again for the next shows.”
Winnie Tan (Business Development Manager of Ideahouse Corporation Sdn Bhd., Malaysia)

# of Exhibitor & Booths

Units : 건

  • 2015년
  • 2016년

# of Consulted and Contracted Meetings

Unit: Meeting

  • 2015년
  • 2016년

Consulted and Contracted Amount

단위: 억원

  • 2015년
  • 2016년

Major buyers from large corporations

MDs from Large Distribution Networks

Other Korean Buyers

4. Countless Benefits

National Pavilion:

Countries hoping to bring multiple exhibitors to the Seoul Int’l Sourcing Fair can receive benefits such as hotel and tour arrangements, interpreter assistance, and more, by organizing a National Pavilion. The more exhibitors from a country, the higher the discount!

In 2014, there were pavilions from Cambodia, India, Malaysia, and Singapore. In 2016, ASEAN Pavilion, and in 2017, Indian Chamber of Commerce formed a National Pavilion. For details, click here.

Buyer Delegation:

Buyer groups of 10 or more members from international trade associations or government organizations can attend the Seoul Int’l Sourcing Fair as part of an official delegation group and are eligible for benefits such as complimentary hotel accommodations, interpreter services, lunch and more. For details, click here

5. Diverse Concurrent Events & Exclusive PR Opportunities

In 2015, the “Traditional Market Pavilion”, “Handmade in SIPREMIUM”, and “CONTEXT – an opportunity to introduce modern art to the audience and also showcase works of amateur designers” were held alongside the exhibition, showcasing a variety of premium sourcing goods and exceptional design idea products. For details, click here.

In addition, Secretariat sends out newsletters and promotional magazine in order to keep exhibitors, visitors and buyers updated with the industry news.

6. 정확한 성과관리 지원

서울국제소싱페어는 참가업체의 정확한 전시회 관리 솔루션을 제공합니다.

참가업체 성과지원 프로그램 (Exhibitors Performance Support, EPS프로그램)을 통해 전시회 투자대비성과율은 얼마인지를 파악하고 가장 적절하고 강력한 전시회 관리 전략은 무엇인지에 대한 컨설팅을 진행합니다.

EPS프로그램은 사전 성과관리, 현장 성과관리, 그리고 사후 성과관리의 차례로 진행되며, 참가업체의 성과 극대화와 장기적으로 성공적인 사업 전략 실행에 그 목적을 두고 있습니다.

1. 사전 성과관리

전시회의 잠재고객 규모 설정
판매목표, 고객관계관리 목표 홍보목표, 신시장개발 목표, 정보수집목표
전시회 컨셉 설정 및 현장운영 컨설팅
사전 홍보 / 마케팅 / PR 컨설팅

2. 현장 성과관리

바이어 상담 매뉴얼 제공
기회비용의 최소화를 위한 비즈매칭 프로그램 실시

3. 사후 성과관리

전시회 참가성과 계량화 실시
바이어 상담결과를 분석하여 세일즈리드 창출
세일즈리드의 리드 트래킹 컨설팅
사후 홍보 / 마케팅 / PR 컨설팅
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