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 Visitor Registration

Pre-registration for visitors to Sourcing Fair 2019 Spring will be open  on December 3 (Mon), 2018

Pre-registration procedure through COEX website

1. Visitor Registration


2. Sign up

Fill in the Form

3. Entry

4. Enjoy the Exhibition

Online Pre-Registration

All buyers and visitors to Sourcing Fair can receive free admission by registering online.

Pre-registrants may receive their entrance badges after a simple picture ID confirmation at the Sourcing Fair registration desks. A separate line for pre-registrants ensures minimum wait time before entering the exhibition hall.

*Note that the Secretariat do not issue invitation letters for visitors*

On-Site Registration

Visitors may register on-site during any day of the exhibition. After purchasing an admission ticket visitors may fill out a registration form and submit it to a registration desk to receive their entrance badge.

Registration booths and registration desks are located in front of the exhibition hall.

Exhibition Opening hours:

September 11-12, 2018: 10am-6:00pm

Entrance fee:

7,000 KRW (On-site ticket purchase)

If registered online via VISITOR REGISTRATION during the registration period, then free entry.

사전등록 절차

1. 온라인 사전등록

(등록완료시 확인메일 발송)

2. 본인확인

(신분증 지참)

3. 출입증 발급

4. 전시회 관람

Visitor Pre-Registration

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  • *You may check more than one
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